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What We Can Do For You:
We have a full team of experts to back you up in your daily business endeavors. Whether you need help with website design, social media, marketing strategies or anything in between, our team is there to provide you assistance and direction so that you’re not in this journey alone. Ultimately, we provide you with the tools you need to increase brand awareness, community outreach, business leads and your digital footprint.
Services We Offer:
“Fitness Vision Marketing increased my revenue by 167% over the past year."
Joe Ruiz, X-Fit Training
Our Team:

Halie Keohane

Bachelors in English & a concentration in Creative Writing
Proficient in content strategy
and digital branding
With a background in English and creative writing, Halie has become an expert in digital content creation and branding. Her focus on the creative mixed with the analytical allows her to develop strategic social media marketing plans for a range of clients.

Ethel Baumberg

Masters in Public Health,
Health Promotion
Former owner of
B Fit Studio, group fitness
Ethel is the founder of Vision Marketing & Consulting.Ethel’s experience is in previously owning a fitness studio, co-creating a fitness certifications, developing programs for moms and kids, and in building a team of digital and traditional marketing gurus.
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