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    Fitness Marketing

    We specialize in marketing for fitness companies and CrossFit boxes.

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My background is in fitness business development, marketing implementation, and management. I started working as a personal trainer back in 2009. In addition to training in-home clients, I also started a stroller fitness program, playground fitness for moms and kids, certification for preschool enrichment, and opened a fitness studio in 2012 for 2 years. After I dissolved my fitness company, I began working as a consultant for local studios and kids gyms. Today, successfully run a marketing firm from NYC and San Francisco. We have bloggers, copywriters, SEO specialists, social media experts, marketing strategists, and more! Questions? You can send me a direct email: ethel@fitnessvisionmarketing.com


Social Media

Monthly campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Website Management

Design a new website or redesign one, plus regular updates


On site search engine optimization, page links, and regular blogging


Personalized outreach to network and expand your client base