Making Your Presence Known: A Quick Guide to Website Essentials

If you think your business needs a website, you’re probably right.

However, for uninitiated, the plethora of platform options, site styles, themes, and opportunities for communication can be more than a little dizzying. But, with a little web “know how,” a website can be a great tool. To help get you started, here are a few tips from the web marketing experts at Rebel Vision Marketing.

Connections, Connections, Connections

It might sound cliché, but getting in touch with existing clients or prospects is key to your business. This means displaying contact information readily, perhaps even at the bottom of every page. Too, you’ll need to make sure the information is correct! (i.e. no mistakes in email spelling).

Though it might simple, providing contact info and physical address can go a long way to putting yourself on the map in the minds of your customers. You can cement this connection further by providing clear links to social media pages related to your business.

Looks Count

Think about it: you know when a website looks good. Web pages should be easy to read, flow clearly, and relate logically too one another. This means taking extra care to avoid duplicate pages or “dead” links.

It’s worth mentioning that SPELLING MATTERS. Clients can be turned off by a page with obvious errors, no matter how beautiful it may be. Spell check is king.

Make it Personal

Your business is, after all, yours. This personal connection is part of the appeal of any small business, especially one that maintains a web presence. You can increase your site’s “personality” by including an about me section, wherein you might share the origin story of your business. Similarly, you should also make room on your site for clients to share their stories. This can come in the form of a reviews page or testimonial section.


The most important thing to remember when building a site for your business is that you are building your brand. Increasingly, businesses are first “met” by customers over the web.

Make it a meeting to remember.

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