Ratings & Reviews – Understanding Business Feedback

A manicured website. A curated social media presence. Targeted Ads. Everything your business needs, right?

In fact, in today’s largely digital landscape, reviews and customer connections count. With an array of platforms, customers have more chances than ever to voice their opinion.

How Are You Doing?

The most basic advantage of reviews? They let you know how you’re doing. While it might sound simple, your business is often impossible to see from a customer’s perspective.

By fostering an environment that encourages reviews – accomplished partially by you responding to each one – you can receive valuable perspectives on how your business or organization appears to customers, both existing and potential.

Social Branding

More than just valuable feedback, reviews also offer a chance to connect with customers. Indeed, a healthy relationship with your reviews is a big step toward building your larger brand identity.

As discussed here, reviews (especially ones you respond to) lend your business a unique air of credibility, legitimacy, and trust. Readers or even just social media browsers will notice your attempts to connect with customers.

In sum, reviews offer the chance for you to express ideas of attention and customer satisfaction – two very important components of a lasting brand.

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The dirty secret about reviews? They aren’t usually connected to your website, per se.

While your social media profiles may contain a review section, many reviews are done through 3rd party platforms like Yelp or a service like Angie’s List. This means you are put into direct comparison with your competition.

Herein lies another power of reviews – they can serve as advertisements. Typically, review platforms display lists of businesses ranked by review prestige. If you take steps to ensure largely positive reviews, you can expect to be at the top of the list – meaning more clicks and more customers.

Handling Negative Experiences

No matter how good you are, you can’t please everyone. Negative reviews are going to happen – but the important part is how to handle them.

While it might be tempting to leave negative review or low ratings alone, this is a common mistake. Just as you should respond to positive reviews, negative reviews demand a response too.

In the words of one marketing expert, responding professionally to negative reviews can “turn lemons into lemonade.” The strategy is simple: You can first extend an olive branch by apologizing for the negative experience, offer contact information for further discussion, and close by reassuring the customer that necessary steps will be taken.

By communicating with both happy and unhappy customers, you will create an environment where customers feel valued.

Get Business Help

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