The Big 3: Must-Have Social Media Tools

Whether you’re a business owner or just a talkative teenager, you’re probably already familiar with the most popular social media platforms. For gym-owners and personal trainers looking to build branding buzz, connect with customers, and engage with local communities, social media is truly invaluable.

But, as many newcomers quickly discover – running a business account isn’t quite as easy as managing a personal profile. From the sheer volume of connections to just deciding when to post – social media can present some tough challenges.

Luckily, 3 new social media tools promise to help you manage the load. For a quick scoop on the possibilities, check out this quick list from the social media experts at Vision Marketing & Consulting.

1. Scheduled Instagram Posts

Visually stunning. Easy to navigate. Tremendously popular. There’s a lot to love about Instagram.

But, if you’re a business owner looking to connect through images, it might be difficult to decide when to post. When are people most likely be active? What about Instagram’s new non-chronological feed algorithm?

To help business owners, Instagram has recently unveiled an extension which allows business accounts to schedule postings for set times. This means that even if you’re unavailable to post on a Saturday morning – you can set the appropriate content to display – whenever!

2. Facebook Pixel

If you’ve invested the time, effort, and money towards a Facebook ad for your business, you might be wondering – how can I be sure it’s working? You aren’t alone!

After years of feedback from frustrated managers of business Facebook accounts, the social media giant has recently released an extension within their ad ecosystem: Pixels.

Very simply, a “Pixel” is code that Facebook can (with your authorization) place on your website. This code allows you to view conversion data, pages visited, and other actions on the part of people who have clicked on your original Facebook ad.

3. ManyChat

One thing to remember about social media: it’s social.

On Facebook, customers both old and new will have questions, comments, and general inquiries headed straight to your inbox. How can you possibly reply adequately to each one?!!

ManyChat, a Facebook chat extension, is a game changer. With your input, the ManyChat team can build a totally customized bot that is able to respond to messages, make posts, and generally interact with others – all on an automated basis! A powerful tool that can be a big boost to consistency and engagement.

Make Your Content Count

Of course, understanding how to best use social media is only the first step towards making a big splash in today’s competitive market. If you want to expand the power of your social media, branding, and general business strategies, you just might benefit from a consultation with an expert.

At Vision Marketing & Consulting, a dedicated staff of experienced business professionals awaits. With combined years of experience in marketing, promotion, and expansion, founder Ethel Baumberg and her team are ready to help you and your unique business succeed. To get started, contact Vision Marketing & Consulting today!

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