Are you surprised to learn that Pinterest drives more traffic that any other social media site except Facebook? That traffic means sales. Because the steps involved in finding an item and purchasing it are fewer and simpler than on other sites, Pinterest converts fifty percent more browsers into buyers than its rivals. In today’s e-tail environment, this is a necessity.

What You Should Know

By march, 2018, Pinterest was the third most popular social media platform among US adults with 200 million monthly visitors. The majority are millennial and women, 29 to 45, a coveted demographic. They are well-educated, suburbanites of above average means, and, they spend more here than on any other social media site. Every day, more than two million post pins, according to, march 20, 2018. Pinterest users are your buyers.

How It Works

By design, Pinterest creates interest and intent. Browsers don’t buy directly from Pinterest, they select items by clicking on ‘buyable pins’. Information is automatically relayed to the merchant for processing. Every pin includes a link that leads to the source of the image (you). “Links built through images are some of the best links you can acquire when it comes to actual engagement,” according to John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing. Pins circulate on social media. Pinterest identified connectivity as essential to social media success and integrates with Facebook, allowing pins to post to the users’ feeds, further enhancing name recognition.

Other Advantages

By establishing a free business account, you gain access to features such as analytics which enable you to identify trends and stay ahead of the curve. By seeing what potential customers are tracking, you have the ability to offer them what they are looking for. Pinterest users are devoted; they spend time there. Your audience is accessible and interested. A presence on Pinterest is free advertising. The integrated format, together with the huge number of users, creates a passive SEO undercurrent that is impossible to ignore. Once buzz about your product starts, it remains in the public eye. Even people with interest in other products will become familiar with your brand name.

If your business relies on word-of-mouth endorsements, name recognition, and visual display to maximize sales, there is no more effective platform than Pinterest. For literally no cost, your business can reach millions of shoppers and reap benefits from exposure that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. The format is simple and direct, and customers love it. From every perspective, To not take advantage of this program is a missed opportunity.

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